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Visit Intramuros and the city's best sights with
Our sightseeing tours let you experience the splendors of the "Pearl of the orient".
Our tour guides will take you to the most authentic and vibrant districts of this city: Quiapo and its colorful market, Binondo, the oldest Chinatown outside China and Intramuros, the only example of Spanish architecture in Asia!
Do you want more and customize the itinerary of your trip? This is possible and we will gladly arrange your request.
We currently offer two types of package, one with van transfer and one without transfer.
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intramuros tour

Our tour package:

Full or half-day tour, for you to choose

Tour rates (depend on the number of people in your own group)
With van and hotel transfer: Php1480/person (for a group of 10 people)
Without van, just the walking tour: Php999/person (for a group of 10 people)
For group of less or more than 10 people please contact us for the rate
We request a minimum of 2 people to organize a tour

  • Department of tourism licensed tour guide (English or French speaking)
  • All entrance fees
  • Pick-up and drop off at your hotel or place in Metro Manila
  • Service of an air-conditioned van during the tour
  • Service of a driver
  • Parking fee

  • We also organize trips for those coming from cruise ships (e.g. Costa Cruise, Star Cruises - Superstar Virgo, Artemis, Oceania Cruises: M.V. Nautica). Your exploration of the city will start from the south harbor where we will pick you up and your excursion will end at the port where we will drop you off. Enjoy a private city tour only for your group.

    Did you know that amazing ruins of an island fortress can be visited?
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    Spending a day or two in the capital of the Philippines? Living in the Metro for the longest time but never visited it? Having a foreign visitor in your company and you would like to show her/him around? Your concern is where to start and how to do it considering how big the national capital region is. Plus you see visiting a church, a fort or walking the streets of a town without any explanation won't bring you much. At the end of your day only the photos stay but you miss the story. And when it comes to history and culture the story is quite essential, right? For this reason getting a guide who is competent and touring his guests with passion is what will make your day special.

    Booking process

    1 : Inquire
    Send us an email at with the date of your tour and the number of people in your group. You can also send an SMS / viber to +639294031371

    2 : Be informed
    Read carefully the details. We are very transparent and our services are always all-in without any hidden charges. When you are ready to book just fill the registration and process your payment.

    3 : Get the confirmation
    Your will receive a travel voucher as well as some tips on what to expect and what to bring. Get ready for your tour!

    Kindly plan ahead by booking at least two days before your trip so we have enough time to organize it.

    Manila & Intramuros highlights

    The capital of the Philippines offers plenty of different attractions. It's sometimes difficult to find them as the city is huge. Having a tour is a good way to see a good selection of them. Just relax and let your guide show you the way.

    • walking visit of the capital

      Fort Santiago

      Fort Santiago is the oldest fortification. The fort was built on 1571 at the site that was occupied by Raja Soliman. The fort was first a wood structure then was replaced with a stone fort built in 1592 by Dasmarinas. It was the headquarters of the British during their occupation of Manila (1762-1764) then it became the headquarters of the US army during the American time. Many people were imprisoned and killed there during the World War II and during the Japanese occupation. The restoration of the Fort started in 1951 and it's now one of the highlights of any tour to Intramuros.

    • sightseeing in the metro

      Manila Cathedral

      Built in 1581, the original cathedral was made of wood. A fire destroyed it two years later. This was replaced but was subsequently destroyed by an earthquake in 1600. This rebuilding and reconstruction continued three more times until the World War II destroyed the fifth version of the cathedral. The sixth and present building was built on 1958. The Vatican elevated it as minor basilica in 1981. Around the Cathedral your tour guide will also show you the former city hall (Ayuntamiento) that has been rebuilt, the Palacio del Gobernor and the Plaza Roma.

    • cheapest market in town

      Quiapo Church and Market

      Also known as the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, Quiapo church is one of the most important Catholic church in the city. Located inside the church is the statue of the Black Nazarene which is venerated by many people in the Philippines, especially on January 9th when millions of devotees gather and march the streets. The first church was built in 1586 by the Franciscans. Our guide will take you to the church as well as the market around. The heart of Manila is there! Great shopping deals in this area!

    • it is more fun walking

      Intramuros walls

      Four and a half kilometers of walls surround Intramuros. Several parks and monuments, both inside and outside this old quarter, offer great views over the city. There are amazing ruins that are hidden which is why most tourists miss them. Our tour will make sure that these places commonly skipped by tourist buses will be showed to you - a great opportunity for photo shoots. And yes the mots have been turned into a golf course! Tips: Climb the wall facing the south, it has a nice view on Rizal park and Ermita disrtict.

    • sunset on the bay

      The bay

      The sunset on manila bay is often described as the most beautiful on earth.. Come and check it out yourself. We usually end our tours by the bay so you can enjoy the magnificent golden glow of the sunset with the Bataan peninsula as a backdrop. And what other way to end you walking tour but to sit back, relax and have a cold drink in one of the many restaurants and bars along the bay while you admire Mount Mariveles as the sun kisses the sea.

    • historical houses

      Casa Manila

      Part of the Plaza San Luis Complex, this beautiful house is a colonial lifestyle museum that shows you how "Ilustrados" (or rich Filipinos) lived during the time of the Spanish. From the living room to the bedrooms, the kitchen or even the bathroom, old furniture and objects have a story to tell! The building itself is a traditional Bahay na Bato, the typical Filipino-Spanish houses that you can found all over the district during this era.

    • Chinatown tour


      Manila's Chinatown is believed to be the oldest Chinatown in the world (outside of China of course.) Churches, shops, restaurants, fountains, plazas, arches are all good reasons to pay a visit to this unique place. Your eyes and stomach will thank you for it.

    • historical spots in the Spanish quarter

      Baluarte San Diego

      Visit the oldest stone fort in town designed by a Jesuit priest, Antonio Sedeno in 1586. This place has also one of the best views over the town's skyline. It is also a good example on how solid was the defense system of the city. Even partly damaged during the second world war this monument is still impressive.

    • intramuros entrance fees

      San Agustin Church

      San Agustin church is the oldest church in the Philippines. It was built in 1571 but the actual structure was finished in 1607 by the Augustinians. It's probably the oldest building still standing in the country. San Agustin is a Unesco World Heritage site. Our package definitely includes the visit to this amazing church as well as the fascinating museum built in the adjacent monastery.

    • historical park in town

      Rizal Park

      Four and a half kilometers of walls surround Intramuros. Several parks and monuments, both inside and outside this old quarter, offer great views over the city. There are amazing ruins that are hidden which is why most tourists miss them. Our guide will make sure that these places commonly skipped by tourist buses will be shown to you - a great opportunity for photo shoots.

    • visiting the colonial houses of Intramuros

      Intramuros colonial houses

      Taking our trip gives you the opportunity to see some amazing colonial houses. Scattered all around the Spanish district these old houses have each their own style.

    • out of the beaten path

      Ocampo Pagoda

      In the heart of the megalopolis, in the district of Quiapo, there is a well hidden monument : the Ocampo Pagoda. Built by Don Jose Mariano Ocampo in 1935 in the middle of his property. After world war II, the property was sold and people started to build buildings in the former garden of Mr. Ocampo. Even the Pagoda itself was converted into a boarding house and the whole structure started to fall in ruins. Today it's not easy to find the Pagoda as it's surrounded by other buildings but it still look amazing. Please take note that you won't be able to enter this monument as it is currently a private property (something like a boarding house) and fenced. Let's dream that, one day, it will be restored and open to the public.


    When to visit?
    All year round, but expect bad weather from June to October. Book your tour during week days to avoid the crowd. More info on the Manila weather here

    Is it safe ?
    Yes the city is definitely safe as long as you follow the big cities rules.

    What to bring?
    Hat, sunblock, umbrella, camera, walking shoes and a small backpack

    Is the transportation included in your Package?
    We offer two packages, one with the aircon van transfer and one without. For the package with transfer we will pick you up at your home/hotel within Metro Manila and you will have exclusive use of the van during the whole day.

    Will we walk during the day?
    Yes, it's mostly a walking tour.

    Can we customize the itinerary of the tour?
    Yes, just indicate us your preferences and we will include it in your package. Additional fees might be charged.

    What time do we leave from Manila?
    We usually leave around 6:30am so you will start hiking on the morning. On the afternoon it's really hot on the trail and the water on the lake can get rough.

    How long does your city tour last?
    Manila has plenty to offer so a full day is the best option to discover the main attractions of the city. We advice to start after the rush hours (around 10am) and to end around 5pm with the sunset. We can also offer a half day but keep in mind that this is a big town and traffic is always heavy so you will actually spend most of your time on the road.

    Where to find information on the history of the capital?
    Check this page.

    Do you need additional information?
    You can check our page on which are the the good museums to visit



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