When is the best time to visit Manila?

We often get the same questions: when is the best time to visit Manila? How will the weather be during my tour? Is it advisable to visit Manila during the rainy season? What happen if it rains during my city tour.

We are going to give you the most accurate answers. Basically, we experience two different seasons in Manila, the hot and the hottest. Ok that was for the joke. More seriously the dry season starts end of October (or sometimes early November). It will sometime drizzle during these months and the chance of having a typhoon is low but it can still happen.

In December and moreover in January/February days become very sunny and temperature cooler. The "Filipino" winter is actually a great season to visit Manila. Temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius or 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our summer starts in March and will extend until mid-May. You can expect clear skies, sunny weather all day long and temperature quite hot up to 35 degrees Celsius or 95. Prepare yourself to sweat during the walking tour!

On May weather gradually changes.. from a few rain-showers every other day to every afternoon rains at the end of the month. The rainy season is officially announced somewhere from mid-May to Mid-June. The first typhoons (or storms as we call them here) usually hit the northern part of the country in June or July. The peak of the rainy season is from August to September with typically strong rain every single day and it is not unusual to see Manila flooded during this time. October may have less monsoon rains but the strongest typhoons often hit Luzon (the island where Manila is located) at that time.

So, when should you book your trip to Manila?
We recommend from end of October to mid-May.

What if I am in Manila during the rainy season and I want to get a city tour?
It is still possible. Book your trip a few days ahead if the weather forecast is good and if and only if there is no typhoon coming.

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